Trends Blog No.3

Game Financing & Crowd Funding                                                                             Article :

This article talks about how a new deal between Ruffian and Square Enix to help make a new indie game called Game of Glens. It also mentions that they are not obligated to sign with Square Enix and can leave after they get there projects funded. They can do this through the platform called Indiegogo that is crowd funding based website like KickStarter that allows people who would like to see the product made give the project money. The article shows how indie developers are getting a lot more support then what they used to get, and how publishers are willing to invest in indie companies now, instead of just asking for them to work on AAA Titles.

I think that supporting Indie Developers not only gives the company a positive reputation but also keeps the gaming industry healthier as there will be more games and a lot more variety.

Early Access and Beta Access                                                                           Article:

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot announced They are going into a public Beta next month (February 25th) , they have been in closed Beta for quite some time now. Early Access and Beta Access games have become increasingly popular over the last year with games like MineCraft, Don’t Starve and Loadout being quite popular ones, and are still successful games with MineCraft and Don’t Starve selling millions. This can be seen as a good thing as you have an overwhelming amount of QA Testers and you are gaining money from your project which can go towards speeding up the final release and improving the game before its final release. How ever a lot of people will see them as being lazy or greedy for releasing an unfinished project.

I think that Early Access is a good thing so long as they actually finish the project and it isn’t left in a never-ending beta like what almost happened to MineCraft.




Digital V Physical                                                                                                             Article:

EA has said how they believe that by next year most people will be downloading all of there games instead of  purchasing them in stores, they believe that people will be purchasing full games and downloading them  through the Xbox Store as it is more convenient, they say this but say it is too early to be sure and they will wait for next fall to find out for sure.

I believe that Digital will grow but with the size of the games being over 30GBs in most cases people will probably like to just purchase them in store where it will be faster.



Trends Blog No.2

Hardware Predicted & Actual Sales                                                                     Article:

The Wii Us expected sales went from 9 million to just 2.8 million which is less than a 3rd of what they expected initially. This would have put Nintendo in a really bad position to the public and in a business point of view. This is still just there expected sales and if they don’t reach this target Nintendo will have even more problems. How ever the Wii U isn’t the only thing that has had its expected sales cut as the 3DS has also gone down from 18 million to 13.5 million in hardware. The software estimates have gone down from 80 million to just 66 million. As said earlier, these are all predictions, they may not even reach these.

I think that this can show just how badly you can mess up with predictions, if you have them to high than you will have warehouses full of useless products and if its too low then theirs not going to be enough for everyone. I believe that the Wii U will still not reach it’s estimate, but 3DS has a chance to reach their targets.

Online Stores and Sales                                                                                                 Article:

The article is talking about how sales, particularly Steam can screw their fans; it speaks about how if someone had paid full price on the game then a week or two later see it on a sale for 50% off can be an irritant for the fans who purchased the game on release. This happens especially in the fall of the year, where more games are released but you also have Steams Autumn sales and Steams Christmas Sales and chances are a lot of games that just came out will end up on there. The article shows how much of a trend Sales are, they’re becoming extremely common and most developers submit to them.

I believe Sales are a good thing, being a game lover I prefer not to spend a lot on the games I play. I can see that it could be seen as problematic for some people but it’s entirely their choice so it’s not like they’re being scammed or ripped off. I think Sales will continue to go on, and it might even get to the point that a game goes on sale a day or two after release.

Season Pass & Episodic                                                                                                       Article:

Double Fines “Broken Age,” was originally planned to be included as an early access title, this is where they release the game stating that it is an unfinished product and still needs development. But they decided to go with an episodic release, this makes more sense  since the game is not exactly in Beta or Alpha but only has half the game so releasing the over half as another episode seems a bit more logical. They will be releasing 2 Acts, Act 1 which will be released to the public on the 28th of January 2013, and Act 2 with no confirmed release date. When you purchase the game you will get the Season Pass with it, which gives you access to the second Act for free when it is released. The Article also mentions how they will be bringing the game to iOS, Android, and Ouya at some point. This also shows that developers want to get into the Mobile market as it is a very large and popular market. 

I believe that the Episodic release of this game is the better choice as the game is not broken or full of bugs, it is well polished and plays well, where as most other games that are early access are buggy or broken. Early Access games although popular are always given negative connotations such as game breaking bugs, but Episodic games are just seen as normal games that are released over time.

A Trailer for “Broken Age,”

Trends Blog No.1

Game Industry Growth Article:

This article shows the growth of the industry of games; it has them in categories starting with the general market then spreading to the mobile and social sides of them. The article says that in the US alone it is earning around $21.6 billion, this is very good news for the gaming industry as it shows just how alive the industry is especially with the recent release of the new generation consoles. You can see other trends in this article, such as Mobile and tabloids uprising where is proclaims that around 70% of the markets total revenue comes from App stores. Virtual Goods are also mentioned, it predicts that by 2015 the market of Virtual Games will be worth $22 Billion. Social V Hardcore gaming is mentioned, they predict that by 2015 the social market alone will be $9 billion and will be the most dominant type of gaming on the market. Overall the Article shows  the expected growth of the gaming general, and it looks extremely positive so far.

(Taken from the article)

With this article I will predict that the gaming industries profits will slowly rise over the next year, and during this festive season it will probably shoot up.


This article talks about the extremely successful Kickstarter project “A Double Fine Adventure,” the project raised over $3 million, and was a huge milestone for Kickstarter and crowd funding in general. The project shown the gaming industry that crowd funding is a very good source of funding if you can pull it off properly; many developers followed this one of them being Ronimo Games, who used this format as a source to fund there Awesomenauts downloadable content.

Double fines Kickstarter Pitch Video

I think from this article that crowdfunding will still be a source of funding used mostly by indie companies, I think it will slowly become more popular with developers over the next few years.

Digital V Physical

Here we are told that the launch of PS Now is supposedly the reason that GameStops’ stock, apparently dropping by 9%, the article then starts to talk about how Sony say that they do not believe this to be the case. The article speaks about how Sony believe that this will not affect the store by so much, they believe the number will be much lower if anything.

I believe that Sony’s PS Now will affect Gamestop a little as it stops them from gaining money from pre-owned games and older games as it is much more convenient to stream/download the older games and play them through this. I believe the decrease of sales will be below 10%

Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag Review

Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag is the most recent game for the Assassins creed series. It takes place in the colonised Caribbean and you play as Edward Kenway, a man who wants to make enough money to provide for his wife back in England. The game starts off pretty slow but picks up its pace after an hour or so. The game really starts once you gain the ability to board and steal from other Ships it’s fun and a little challenging, unless your picking on little gunboats and schooners, taking down 3 Man of Wars at once feels extremely rewarding but is extremely difficult.  The story line itself is great you get to see the transformation of Kenway from an pirate to a true assassin.