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Game Industry Growth Article:

This article shows the growth of the industry of games; it has them in categories starting with the general market then spreading to the mobile and social sides of them. The article says that in the US alone it is earning around $21.6 billion, this is very good news for the gaming industry as it shows just how alive the industry is especially with the recent release of the new generation consoles. You can see other trends in this article, such as Mobile and tabloids uprising where is proclaims that around 70% of the markets total revenue comes from App stores. Virtual Goods are also mentioned, it predicts that by 2015 the market of Virtual Games will be worth $22 Billion. Social V Hardcore gaming is mentioned, they predict that by 2015 the social market alone will be $9 billion and will be the most dominant type of gaming on the market. Overall the Article shows  the expected growth of the gaming general, and it looks extremely positive so far.

(Taken from the article)

With this article I will predict that the gaming industries profits will slowly rise over the next year, and during this festive season it will probably shoot up.


This article talks about the extremely successful Kickstarter project “A Double Fine Adventure,” the project raised over $3 million, and was a huge milestone for Kickstarter and crowd funding in general. The project shown the gaming industry that crowd funding is a very good source of funding if you can pull it off properly; many developers followed this one of them being Ronimo Games, who used this format as a source to fund there Awesomenauts downloadable content.

Double fines Kickstarter Pitch Video

I think from this article that crowdfunding will still be a source of funding used mostly by indie companies, I think it will slowly become more popular with developers over the next few years.

Digital V Physical

Here we are told that the launch of PS Now is supposedly the reason that GameStops’ stock, apparently dropping by 9%, the article then starts to talk about how Sony say that they do not believe this to be the case. The article speaks about how Sony believe that this will not affect the store by so much, they believe the number will be much lower if anything.

I believe that Sony’s PS Now will affect Gamestop a little as it stops them from gaining money from pre-owned games and older games as it is much more convenient to stream/download the older games and play them through this. I believe the decrease of sales will be below 10%


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