Trends Blog No.3

Game Financing & Crowd Funding                                                                             Article :

This article talks about how a new deal between Ruffian and Square Enix to help make a new indie game called Game of Glens. It also mentions that they are not obligated to sign with Square Enix and can leave after they get there projects funded. They can do this through the platform called Indiegogo that is crowd funding based website like KickStarter that allows people who would like to see the product made give the project money. The article shows how indie developers are getting a lot more support then what they used to get, and how publishers are willing to invest in indie companies now, instead of just asking for them to work on AAA Titles.

I think that supporting Indie Developers not only gives the company a positive reputation but also keeps the gaming industry healthier as there will be more games and a lot more variety.

Early Access and Beta Access                                                                           Article:

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot announced They are going into a public Beta next month (February 25th) , they have been in closed Beta for quite some time now. Early Access and Beta Access games have become increasingly popular over the last year with games like MineCraft, Don’t Starve and Loadout being quite popular ones, and are still successful games with MineCraft and Don’t Starve selling millions. This can be seen as a good thing as you have an overwhelming amount of QA Testers and you are gaining money from your project which can go towards speeding up the final release and improving the game before its final release. How ever a lot of people will see them as being lazy or greedy for releasing an unfinished project.

I think that Early Access is a good thing so long as they actually finish the project and it isn’t left in a never-ending beta like what almost happened to MineCraft.




Digital V Physical                                                                                                             Article:

EA has said how they believe that by next year most people will be downloading all of there games instead of  purchasing them in stores, they believe that people will be purchasing full games and downloading them  through the Xbox Store as it is more convenient, they say this but say it is too early to be sure and they will wait for next fall to find out for sure.

I believe that Digital will grow but with the size of the games being over 30GBs in most cases people will probably like to just purchase them in store where it will be faster.



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