Ethical Issues in The Gaming Industry

Ethics are a thing that every industry have to keep in mind when producing a product. Ethics are basically topics which are controversial and based mostly on an opinion or belief on what is right or what is wrong.

This means that when you are producing a game you  will have to keep in mind things that would offend or insult people. However they are some people who produce games for the sake of being controversial and they hope for a massive reaction from people and the media.

The main Ethical topics of the gaming industry are:                                            Violence                                                                                                                                          Sexual Content                                                                                                                          Racism                                                                                                                                                The Sexualisation of Women                                                                                            Game Addiction                                                                                                                          Freedom of Speech (Can you really do what you want?)

Violence in video games is often told to make the people who play the games more violent, this debate will probably never be proven either way but it will still continue for the life time of games. Because of this game developers have to keep in mind how violent they want  there games to be and just how much gore they want in it.

Call of Duty and GTA are the games which the pin is usually placed on for blaming real life crimes on video games as they’re the most popular games on the market, and since they’re shooters it’s easy to blame any violent acts on them. But it is true that most popular games out there are violent and this may have a link with what our society is interested in.

An Example of the violence in video games effecting the industry would be the case of a shooting in Russia which led to the government looking at their laws on the distribution and the censorship of their games, they came close to banning video games with any violent content. This was because the shooter was seen to have loved the game ManHunt.                                                                                       (Full article here

Total Biscuit who is a popular YouTube content creator has made a video about this making quite a few points about the topic of violence  in video games and violence in reality. He shows statistics such as the crime rate related to the release of the most controversial games.

Total Biscuit is a gaming critique so he will definitely be biased to this side of the argument  however that does not make everything he say false, he did a lot of research before making the video and got facts before adding his own opinion to the topic, his opinion is the same as mine, in the way that Violence in video games is not going to turn someone violent, however someone who already is violent may be influenced by it.


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